Mar 8, 2013

New Series Announcements

These 3 series wrap up our Spring and Summer new Series Announcements! They, along with the other 3 projects we've announce, will start this month or in April as we complete "Furou Kyoudai" and "Kemono Kingdom: Zoo". We've already begun working on these series and they have enough support within the group, so they've got momentum.

 "LLLL" is 1 volume (4 chapter) supernatural series.
"Nanatsu no Kururi" is a 2 volume series from josei magazine "Itan". I'm still trying to decide whether to release in on OS or Bakeneko's Lair.

"Gensou Kajin" is a 2 volume short series that I've been lusting after for a while, but I've kept on the back burner because it's challenging in every way. But I think it's worth the time and effort, and I look forward to working on it (I imagine this will mainly be a Kuroneko003 production since I can't bring myself to ask anyone else in the group to share the pain.)

We've also got some oneshot compilations lined up for our June/July 4th anniversary party (Take the survey to help us prioritize the oneshot release schedule). W00t! And that wraps up plans for the next 6 months! And this nearly completes our transition to being a short series/oneshot group ("Magnolia" and "Pochamani" will be our only indefinite series going forward.) If you'd like volunteer for Omari's Sister to help us get these series and oneshots out, please see our recruitment notice (LINK)