Apr 21, 2011

Ouran Volume 18 Extras Teaser

It's coming soon *SQUEE*!!!!  There are actually several extra pages interspersed throughout the volume and most of it is in Hatori-sensei's barely legible chicken scratch kanjis.  I will start working on it tomorrow.  I think I'll get the omake and the thank you pages out tomorrow and then release the other extra pages day by day while I finish up AnS Chp 24 and "3-Hearts".
The extra pages between the chapters show all the Ouran main characters and a few of the secondary characters grown up.  These pages are definitely squeal worthy and I want to give them the time they deserve to translate.  I have an extra hard time with handwritten kanjis T_T.  They make my eyes bleed...so it's best if I take them in small doses so I don't get too frustrated.