Apr 24, 2011

Ouran High School Host Club Volume 18 Extras

First of all, let me encourage you to buy this volume in Japanese, whether you can read it or not (you should have the translation already), in order to directly support Hatori-sensei.  Here are some links to online stores:
And now onto the good stuff.  Like somebody else commented in the teaser post, these extras should give most everyone a satisfying end to the "Ouran High School Host Club" series.  I still want more Kyouya...but I'll live, I suppose.  Also...I shouldn't complain too much since I did get this (as written in the chatbox while I was struggling with the Barcelona extra chapter):
I would gladly give up this 60-page monstrosity for 6-page short of TamaXHaru snuggling on a couch on Friday night watching Netflix...as a needed rest after a good performance on midterms...
Wahahaha!!!!  I enjoyed EVERY pixel of the couch snuggling omake *wide grinz*.  And for that moment of joy, I humbly thank Hatori-sensei.

Update 05/09/2011: changed and "of" to "or" on Kyouya page.
Update 04/24/2011:  Included minor edits from Tarasaur (missed sleep bubbles on page 16)
Links to  the "Ouran High School Host Club" volume 18 extras:  (Zip) (PDF -- mobiles and tablets) RETIRED

I have no additional comments to make about the extras here because I've been posting my thoughts in the chatbox and because I put a few comments in the release itself.  I hope you all enjoy it!  Also, as with all of the Ouran stuff, this release will expire in a month.  I encourage you to purchase the official Viz translation of Volume 18 when it comes out sometime in 2012.  I will, of course, post purchase links as Viz releases the remaining volumes.

Next up!
If all goes well, hopefully, I will be able to release "Akagami no Shirayukihime" chapter 24 by the end of this month.  If not, then it will come out a day or two after "Magnolia" chapter 10.

Oh! and Happy Easter to all of you who celebrate :)