Jul 12, 2010

"Ozu no Kakashi Tsukai" ("The Scarecrow of Oz") Chapter 1


Here it is!  "Ozu no Kakashi Tsukai" or "The Scarecrow of Oz"
Link to "Ozu no Kakashi Tsukai"

This is one of those stories that kinda sneaks up on you when you start to think of its deeper meanings.  I think the key themes in this story are what is merit and what does it mean to have merit.  Also, this story is rife with references to the "Wizard of Oz" and the themes within that story.  See how many of them you can catch :).

I had a very interesting e-mail conversation with one of my proofreaders, Corgi, about this story.  I will post this exchange in a day or two after enough people have had the chance to read the story.  I don't want to spoil the story or color your opinions of the story before you read it.  Anyhow, check back in a couple of days and give your own opinions if you want.