Jul 19, 2010

Orange Chocolate Chp 15

I thought my eyes were going to melt out of their sockets while editing this.  I caught one of those irritating summer colds that starts with burning eyes.  Tears were streaming down my face as a I chased dots.  This chapter was particularly nasty in terms of the backside bleed through problem...ugh!!! 

Here's a minor translator's note:

Here's an example of "forest friends" to keep in mind as you get toward the end of this chapter (image used solely for educational purposes!):
And now the link --

Link to Orange Chocolate Chp 15

This chapter gives us yet a little more insight in Chiro's actual wish.  Enjoy the last four pages of this chapter :).  Chapter 16 is full of Chiro and Ritsu themed cosplay.  I guarantee that chapter will be lots of fun.  At the end of the next chapter a new character will be introduced that will drive Chiro and Ritsu closer together, culminating in a very lovely, visually and story wise, 20th chapter!

Next up the long awaited resumption of "Ouran High School Host Club" and the climactic chapter of "Kimi ni XOXO."