Jun 17, 2010

Hana-Kimi May 2010 Extra Story

Here's the latest Hana-Kimi Extra story from one of the May 2010 issues of Hana to Yume.

Link to the Hana-Kimi May 2010 Extra story (Retired)

I did this quite hastily and I apologize for any typos, misspellings, or grammatical errors you may come across.  I also apologize for not taking the time to thoroughly clean the images.  I figured that a proportional effort was all that was required for a story that I plan to post only for a short time.

I have no idea whether this is the last planned extra story.  Quite personally, the only other extra stories that I will be willing to translate after this is one about Ashiya and Sano's wedding, Sano going to the Olympics, Nakatsu finding a girl of his own, or Nakatsu playing in the World Cup.  Other than those scenerios, I don't care anymore.

Anyhow, I didn't feel this extra story added anything new to the Hana-Kimi series and I didn't like the way it was written.  It's repetitive and employs nonsense to justify the trouble that Mizuki goes through in this episode.  Meh...Hopefully, though, die-hard Hana-Kimi fans will get something out of this.