Mar 26, 2010

Ouran Chp 79 Spolier

Update:  I finished translating the chapter and it actually more like the Ouran we all know and love again!!!  Yay!!!  And with the developments in this chapter my faith is restored and I'm very much looking forward to chapter 80.  It will take me 2 - 3 to edit the chapter and then the proofreaders will need a day, so my current release ETA is Tuesday, March 30th. 
I think another scanlation of Ouran should be out very soon -- most likely before I can finish.  I will still do a translation of Ouran 79, regardless, because I like to translate Ouran for myself.  Until a translation is ready, please enjoy this spoiler.  Note:  I made the images intentionally small so they would be of no use to anyone who can read Japanese.  My hope is that if you can read Japanese, then you should go out and buy Lala magazine and support Bisco Hatori.

Link to the Ouran Chp 79 Spoiler

It will take me about a week to get my translation done :).  For those of you interested in La Corda d'Oro, that story is finally moving and if there is not a quality scanlation done of the latest chapter and the past 2 soon, I may squeeze it in because I'm curious myself.  I can't promise anything though ...