Mar 1, 2009

Playing Card Freebies and Update

Get you manga magazines now! Lala 4/2009 has a lovely deck of Ouran Host Club playing cards (hahaha!!! I accidently bought 2 extra magazines this month. I may try to sell them -- playing cards included) and Hana to Yume 6/2009 has a really nice deck of Skip Beat playing cards. They are high quality thick and glossy playing cards, which was quite shocking to me, considering that they are freebies.

Other stuff: I read chp 69 of Ouran and it's very cute. Now that Tamaki has figured out his feelings for Haruhi he can't speak properly around her and Tamaki and Hikaru decide to have a challenge around who can give Haruhi the best birthday present. The chapter ends with Kyoya starting some mischief --- hmmm ;p. I also finished reading/translating Zettai Heiwa Diasakusen Chp 7. I'll get around to posting summaries of chp 6 and chp 7, hopefully, this week. I won't be able to get to that though for a week at the soonest (Dreamweaver project and a Java programming final this week).

Job Search: As you all know the world economy is in the toilet. Things are particularly tight where I live and all the local tech companies have hiring freezes. Military contractors are hiring but there are lots of folks companies like Boeing to compete with (10K+ recently laid off from Boeing competing for ~100 jobs in the area) ... sigh. Nevertheless, I haven't given up and I literally apply to 20 - 50 jobs a week. Thank goodness for unemployment insurance! Speaking of unemployment insurance: I you are from a state with a silly/idiotic/stupid/boneheaded/insensitive/a$$hole Republican Governor who has decided to deny his or her constituents extended unemployment benefits, please write to him or her and demand sanity under the threat of a lost vote. (Thank goodness my Governor is Arnold Swarzenegger -- I really like him.)