Feb 15, 2015

2014 Series and Oneshot Stats Summary

I'll keep this simple by displaying two charts. I don't want to give exact numbers, so I normalized the data.

There are no surprises about the top series. "Risou no Kareshitachi" was surprisingly the hit oneshot of last year. While being the most popular, this is also the oneshot that I received the most email expressing displeasure about. The least read oneshots were all of the ones released for Halloween, with "The Doll Friend" stories filling the bottom.  I'm not sure what to make of this given the popularity of "Risou Kareshitachi".

I think the only influence that this data will have on me will be our Halloween selections. With the exception of "Drive" and "Mimi no Kieta Hi", the group was "meh" on the oneshots I selected. It was slim pickings last year, but I think if I can't find stuff at least the group is enthusiastic about, then we won't do it. Unless there are some focused horror efforts from the Japanese shoujo and josei publishers in 2015, we'll definitely have a scaled down Halloween oneshot party.