Oct 12, 2013

NYCC Manga License Announcements

Lots of good manga license announcements were made at Comic-Con in New York over the past two days.  For a full listing of the announcements please go of Anime News Network:

Vertical: Announcement 1/ Announcement 2
Kodansha USA: Announcement 1/ Announcement 2/ Announcement 3
Yen Press

This blog posting will only cover licensing announcements that matter to Crimson Flower Readers.

  • "Attack on Titan: Before the Fall" Light Novels
  • "Clothes Named Fat" by Moyoco Anno
Kodansha USA:
  • "Attack on Titan: Before the Fall" Manga
  • "Attack on Titan: No Regrets" (the Levi Spinoff)
  • "Attack on Titan: Junior High
  • "Black Rose Alice" by Mizushiro Setona
Yen Press:
  • "He is my Only Vampire" (Junketsu + Kareshi) by Aya Shouoto
  • "Demon from a Foreign Land" (Iki no Ki) by Yuki Kaori
We got a lot of great licenses, 3 of which were former Omari's Sister projects! Please buy the English releases and support manga licensing in the US.  I have a feeling that new batch of licenses will boost the industry and we'll see a lot more manga in 2015. A bright manga-filled future is ahead!

Note: All licensed materials have been removed from the blog and the servers. The blog posts are still there to read the comments, but the links are not active.