Aug 12, 2013

New Series: "Magical Change" Chapter 1 by Homerun Ken

Continuing with our new series debuts, here is a comedy series called "Magical Change". It features two character types I love: Maoh (A Demon Lord) and Magical Girl who is actually a boy.  Hee! This series is heading off the wall, so if you like STOOPID, this is the series for you!

Here are our current retranslation partners for this series:

La Noche de Los Caidos -- Spanish
Under the Blossoming Cherry Trees -- Italian
Vampire Scans -- Portuguese

Without saying much more, let's get on with the release! I hope you enjoy it! We'll try to release this series monthly.
Links to "Magical Change" Chapter 1: (PDF) (ZIP)

Next up will be "Rex Fabula" Chapter 10!