Aug 30, 2013

"Magnolia" Chapter 34

This chapter ends the Masquerade party arc and now we move on to examining the fallout of Ayato's decision.  According to Naked Ape's Twitter feed, the next arc will center around the King.  I guess we're going to get to the question of succession and more about what Vincent is up to.

Anyhow... Sui apparently likes to touch everyone. He's creeptastic and confusing. Does he in anyway like Robert? Or is he only using Robert?

Hugo... hmm... I don't know what to make of him. He's looks a little love sick at the end of this chapter.

Welp, that's enough writing before I get too spoilery. On to the release!
Links to "Magnolia" Chapter 34: (PDF) (Zip)

This end August's releases.  We will have a very busy September ahead as we clear out already translated series chapters and oneshots.  We will not be having a month long Halloween oneshot party like last year. We can't put series on hold for two month to prep for it.  Instead we will have supernatural and horror oneshots sprinkled throughout from late September to the end of November. Next up will be the rest of "Kanojo ni Naru Hi" and the next chapter of "Lip Smoke".