Oct 15, 2012

Halloween Oneshot: "Anata wa Watashi no Taisetsuna Okaasan? ("You are my Dear Mother") by Ume Tarou

This is a very short oneshot from the Josei magazine "Wings."  It came in last year's magazine extra "Horror Wings 2011."  We didn't have a chance this year to do some of the longer oneshots from this extra, but don't be surprised if next Halloween you see a couple more oneshots from the Horror Wings extras (I also have the 2012 edition).

Not to ruin anything, but just a warning: this oneshot has some gore.  Despite the gore, it manages to have some underlying sweetness.  Actually, it's very sentimental.  Anyhow, I hope you enjoy it!

Link to "You are my Dear Mother": (PDF)

Next up is another short josei oneshot from Horror Wings 2011.  It will be very different from anything we've done before, but I think it's one of my favorite very-short oneshots. After that, we will slow our pace to present the last 4 long oneshots (I don't think we can do every other day on these, we'll see...).