Oct 23, 2012

Ghostly Oneshot from the Past: "Shinobigoto"

AUGH!!! I'm so embarrassed!  This is a oneshot we did nearly two-and-a-half years ago. It was back when I was using "ne" (ugh, smack me now, please!) and didn't recognize two page spreads (derp). Haha!  Despite the translation quirks (especially that clunky crap on the title page -- "You are imprisoned in my thoughts, and this rotten self will not let you leave."), it's still one of my favorite supernatural oneshots, so let's revisit it. (LINK) I apologize now for the missing periods. I don't know where they ran off to.

Hopefully, we'll have something new for you at midnight on the 25th. There are 3 oneshots that are almost done.  If not, then we'll have blast of oneshots around Halloween day.