Aug 4, 2012

Omari's Sister is Recruiting

Omari's Sister Needs You!
We are working towards our Halloween and Christmas one-shot parties.  The Christmas one-shot theme will be "fairy tales." Here's list of the volunteers we currently need as we work on these projects:
  • Translator -- We need an experienced advanced level Japanese-to-English Translator to take over the translation of one of our very popular series (you find out which one when you inquire) and to work on one-shots.
  • Translation QC -- Mid level Japanese knowledge is fine, though advanced level is preferred.  I need folks to check the translations to make sure they are accurate.
  • Redraw Artist/Image Editors -- I need a couple of experienced redraw artists to work on one-shots and our series
No experience is needed for cleaners.  If you already have knowledge of Photoshop I (Kuroneko003) am willing to train you.  If you are interested in volunteering for Omari's Sister, please send me an e-mail via the "Contact" link at the top of this blog.

People who are new to cleaning, consult this tutorial first to make sure you are familiar enough with Photoshop: