Jun 13, 2012

Zero-Sum Ward One-Shot: "Noenoto"

I'm releasing this now and if I have to apologize, I'll apologize later.  Hahaha! It shouldn't be a big deal.  Anyhow, this is a joint project between us and The Zero Alliance. If all goes well, it should appear on their website in a few hours once the workday is done on the other side of the world.

This is a shounen-ish one-shot from Zero-Sum Ward.  This one-shot has been sitting around half done for about a year.  Sorry. It was meant for Bakeneko's Lair...but, well...you know the story by now :).

Not much to say about this one-shot, other than it's fun along the same lines as "Seimei de ga nanki ka?" and it won't leave you depressed when it ends. I do want to write a bit about this one-shot, but it would only spoil story, so I'll wait and write my thoughts as a comment.  Onto the links (and if you ask why there's a zip, you will earn great resentment from me!)

Link to "Noenoto": (Zip) (PDF)

Next up will be a short gag one-shot from Zero-Sum Ward.  It's a typesetting nightmare!  Usually I can typeset 25 - 40 pages a day.  This one-shot is only 8 pages, and I'm not going to finish it until tomorrow.  And I thought typesetting Bisco Hatori works was bad...ugh...but, it's a funny and nicely drawn one-shot, so it's worth the effort.