Aug 25, 2010

Lala 10 and Ouran Chp 82 Spoilers

I finally have Lala 10! Yippee!  The freebies in this issue are a "Vampire Knight" memo pad and a "Natsume Yuujinchou" Nyanko-Sensei plushy keychain (it kind of big for a keychain, though).  As for the Ouran drama CD that was advertised, it is a mail order item that can be purchased for 1200-yen (about $12US).  There's actually a BUNCH Ouran merchandise advertised in this issue.  I guess "present" in Japanese is a euphemism for "merchandise.  Duly noted in my notebook so I remember from now on...

Speaking of that merchandise:
There's pins, an image CD, and a button-looking things among the things to buy.  I hope at least one of the many online stores will get some of this merchandise in stock so folks outside of Japan can buy some.

An now for the ranking of the favorite full color cover page illustrations! (click to see it large)

I wholeheartedly agree with the Alice cosplay coming in at #1.

And now lastly!  The Ouran 82 spoilers!  Here's the cover page:
Caption: "At this Moment, I feel we can go anywhere together...(heart)"
It's super cute!  Spoiler (highlight below if you must know!):

[Haruhi decides to go to the US and Tamaki knows about it already and encourages her to go]

No kissing, but there's lots of hand holding and "dawwwwww" moments.
The last chapter will be 52-pages and release in Japanese on September 24th.  I will include the chapter 83 previews with the chapter 82 release.