Oct 23, 2009

I have Ouran chp 75

Update 10/25/2009:  The Ouran Chp 75 scanlation is almost done. It still needs proofreading, but I will put a rough draft out tomorrow (Monday 10/26) morning and post the final scanlation on Tuesday or Wednesday.

I have Ouran Chp 75.  Somebody has already posted a low quality raw, so I will not show any spoilers.  I'll just say this chapter sucks because it is a real a downer.  I hope to be done with the scanlation by Wednesday.

I will summarize the chapter on Twitter as I go.  My twitter feed is in the right side bar of this blog, so please don't follow me as I will most likely block you.

Oh! And 2-pages of the 37 are the color title splash :(.