May 9, 2012

I'm Thinking of Merging Bakeneko's Lair back into Omari's Sister

I created Bakeneko's Lair so we could keep some of the more mature and shounen titles away from Omari's Sister.  As a few people warned me, it is a bit more difficult to run two separate blogs.  My feeling so far is the only series I want to keep separate from Omari's Sister is "Servamp" because at times it is quite violent and gory.  "Kemono Kingdom: Zoo" is quite low key, "Seigi no Mikata" has some cussing and innuendo that will fly over the heads of the inexperienced, and "Rex Fabula" doesn't have anything more gory in it than some of the Kuro Lala one-shots, though one of the monsters has a "nice rack".  I'm thinking of moving these three series to Omari's Sister and leaving "Servamp" at Bakeneko's Lair to keep it separate and also to reserve the alternate blog for some mature series  (straight up 16+) from Itan magazine I've had my eye on. 

I'd appreciate it if you'd give me your opinion on the matter.  If there aren't too many objections, then the migration could begin today.