Jul 7, 2007

After School Nightmare Volume 4

It came out in English before I could finish translating the manga. I managed to translate the first 20 pages or so and it looks like the US translation dumbed things down a little. I was having trouble myself translating because a lot of what was said didn't have a good English translation. Oh well, this volume leaves Sou in a pretty sad state. He finally gets his hands on Ichijo only to have her flatly reject him again in favor of Kareha, who Ichijo promises to take care of as a final request of Shinbashi. We also get a taste for how scary and possessive Sou's sister is. From glancing at the next volume it seems that Ai loves her brother in a most un-sisterly-like fashion and there's also some girl-on-girl action between Ichijo and Kareha ... Ah, but what would this twisted story be without incest and lesbians. Poor Ichijo, caught in the middle of two triangles because she can't accept that she's a girl.