Oct 28, 2014

I Lied -- "Rocker in Locker" by Tama Yukida

I lied. This is an opportunist release and it's another cute story. There's no horror in it at all. We were going to do a day after Halloween thing and discuss the various traditions around November 1st, but quite frankly, I think we're all exhausted and need a break. Some of those planned oneshots are in some state of completion, so we'll release them after we take a short break and release some of our regular monthly series. I'll detail our plans for the rest of fall and winter in a later blog post.

Thanks to Peonine for a fun translation and thanks to Aricania for lettering.
Links "Rocker in the Locker": (PDF) (Zip)

Next up will be our last three shoujo-horror oneshots.