Jun 28, 2013

Ane Lala Update: We're Holding Off

We're gonna hold off on Ane Lala for more evaluation. Looking it over more closely, it seems like a competitor to magazines like Kiss and Kiss Plus. These magazines mainly feature stories about young ladies fresh out of college and at their first jobs. Quite honestly, there's a sameness to all these stories to me, and the main characters usually do a lot of self-indulgent whining (or the series are trying to be "Nana" clones).  So I want to take more time to evaluate the offerings in Ane Lala instead of blindly jumping in.  If there's something truly unique, then we'll go for it.  But as of now, I don't see anything truly compelling. Honestly, I would like some stories with more fantastic elements and passion. It's getting kinda hard now as most of the mainstream shoujo mags are now hardcore and singularly devoted to high school love trains. BORING.