Apr 12, 2011

Delaying "Furou Kyoudai" and "The Scarecrow of Oz" Short Series

I've decided to delay "Furou Kyoudai" and "The Scarecrow of Oz" short series until July to allow for time for the release of compilation of the series and one-shots into a book (Hopefully, the books will come out way before July.  If so, we'll start when the books come out instead of waiting.).  The magazine print quality of the short series portion is atrocious and will take a long time to clean and edit (It's making my eyes burn and tearing up my mousing-wrist -- hello carpal tunnel...).
Even if we do our best, we could probably only bring the quality up to barely medium (too much missing "data").  If there's no sign of a book compilation by July, then we'll go with the raw we've got and do what we can.  In the mean time, instead we'll start short series "Depend on a Kiss" and "Duet with a Demon" in May.