Mar 15, 2010

Hana-Kimi September 2008 Omake

Here's the second Hana-Kimi omake published after 2007.

Link to September 2008 Hana-Kimi omake (Retired)

It hasn't been proofread yet, so if you wanna proofread it, please go ahead and do so and send me back some feedback and I'll give you some credit.  Anyhow, this omake is very short and doesn't really add anything to the Hana-Kimi story, but it is cute.  The last of the omakes will come after Orange Chocolate chapter 7 and Ouran Chapter 79.  Here's the updated release schedule:

Orange Chocolate Chp 7 -- ETA:  3/22
Ouran Chp 79 -- ETA:  end of March (depends on when I get the raw)
Orange Chocolate Chp 8: Early April
Zettai Heiwa Diasakusen Chp 16: Mid April
Orange Chocolate Chp 9: Mid April
Hana-Kimi Aug 2009 Omake -- ETA: Late April
Kaicho-san no Neko Chp 1 -- ETA:  Late April