Apr 28, 2012

Aoi Lala Advertisment

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CRUDE translation of text:
"2011, Lala Special Editions, Kuro and Shiro (Black and White).
And now in 2012
Lala becomes more colorful.
It's the time of the year when you want to take of your shoes, stretch out, and start running (free). Within a dazzling light, yet if you lift your head, (there is) an expanding world.

Aoi Lala, this summer, a return to your origin.

Tri-color Lala, more information in next month's issue of Lala"
 Mangaka listed:
  • Akidzuki Sorata
  • Tokeino Hari
  • Fujiwara Hiro
  • Matsumoto Tomo
  • Nakano Emiko
  • Saito Ken
Yes, the English you see is part of the ad and not our trickery. And, of course, we will share as much of these special editions as possible.