Sep 10, 2011

"Ouran High School Host Club" August 2011 Special Chapter

This special chapter isn't what I expected from the preview teaser, but it does fit in perfectly with our "Spooky One-shots" Fall theme.  This little ghost story is a nice transition from summer to fall, so all is forgiven, though, I really wanted TamaxHaru happy married love-love short.  Can you imagine how "stoopid" a pregnant Haruhi chapter could be?  You'd have craziness from Tamaki, Renka, and nutty Tamaki's Dad to deal with on that.  Anyhow...on to the links:

Links to the "Ouran High School Host Club" August Special Chapter:  (Zip) (PDF) Retired.

Next up!  Next up are the two latest "Hana Kimi" After Story shorts.  The first one features Kayashima and the Himejima twins (they were featured in an omake) and the other one features Nakatsu.  Hooray for Nakatsu!!!

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