Oct 12, 2009

Anime Review: "Princess Lover!"

"Princess Lover" is a typical harem anime series that, thankfully, only runs 12 episodes.  The story is about a high schooler, Teppei, who after his parents are killed, finds out that he's the heir to the fabulously wealthy and powerful Arima Group.  He goes to live with his grandfather and begins to attend an elite school for the children of the ultra wealthy and powerful.  Along the way, he saves a princess from some assassins, who, of course, he meets up with again at the new school.  Arima's harem consists of two princesses, a rich girl, and his "all purpose" personal maid.  The anime starts off with Arima trying to gain social acceptance into the new school and surprisingly ends in intrigue and action.  There are the usual ecchi gags, but also, in the version I we watched, the fan service was nicely hidden in shadows or strategically placed steam clouds (thankfully).  The last episode was over-the-top sappy with Arima giving a high-minded and overly optimistic speech about the goodness within every human being.  UGH!!! I did like that by the end of the series, we knew which girl he picked.  Overall, this was an okay series, but it not something that must be seen.