Feb 5, 2012

Hugo Poll

Love him or hate him, Hugo is an interesting character.  Is he Ayato's friend, enemy, or both?  Seriously, what IS his deal?  Personally, I think he's there on a specific mission, but I don't think things are going as planned -- though, I admit I have no idea what his mission is.  I think Hugo is getting a little side-track because, regardless of the Magnolia smell, he likes Ayato.

I look forward to the development of Hugo's character.  Will someone eventually take him down a couple of notches?  Will Ayato eventually wrap him around his/her finger?  Or will he be a damned-dirty-dog forever?

What do you think?  Take the poll in the right hand column.  If you want to rant positively or negatively, please leave a comment.  Go all out!  Let's talk about Hugo :).