May 31, 2011

"Yukarism" Chapter 6 -- It's Better than we Predicted!!

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This chapter of "Yukarism" has restored my faith in manga.  I was so afraid that Shiomi-sensei would chicken out, but this is the real deal.  This chapter is intense and intensely enjoyable.  If you haven't begun to read this series yet, I highly recommend it.  It has become my second favorite series behind Magnolia.

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Spoiler Alert, Spoilers Ahead
I was prepared to be totally disappointed that Mahoro was actually Kazuma.  With all the disappointment from J+K, I was beginning to think that it was only natural to take a good story and ruin it.  But!  Alas!  We caught part of the twist and were given a very satisfying 6th chapter!

Mahoro/Shizuka -- Wow!  Awesome as a girl and awesome as a guy.  I like hot tempered and passionate characters.  The question is whether Mahoro remembers everything now and whether Shizuka made it such that everyone would eventually remember.  That type of scenerio would fit his claim that he would follow anyone who hurt Yuumurasaki through hell.  But now what?  Will we get some clarity on what happened the night Yuumurasaki was killed, or was what just happened the night Yuumurasaki was supposed die and it was prevented?

Kazuma -- I did not expect him to be that cold-blooded and nutz.  My husband, though, did remind me this weekend that happy-go-lucky people are usually that way because they are hiding some very deep and very strong anger.  But, still, talk about "ice"...Kazuma is one scary dude.

I can't wait until the next chapter!  I also hope this is a signal that this series will only run 8 chapters (2 volumes).  It would make me so happy to have a tight little story that goes out with a bang, rather than a series that drags on forever :).

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