Aug 21, 2009

Ouran 74 is out in Lala 10

08/25/2009 Update: I have only 7 more pages to edit and then proofing. I also have a couple of bubbles with iffy translations that I want to ruminate on some more. Anyhow, the editing is taking longer than usual because there are a lot of sounds, especially the dogs!!! OMG!!! I'm getting a real Photoshop workout! On almost every page I had to repair the artwork around some hiragana/katana that I replaced with English! Anyhow, it should be out tomorrow afternoon (PST -- Los Angeles Time), barring no surprises...

I have Lala 10 and have completed scanning Ouran 74. There does not appear to be anything really cute that I must share up front, so I will only put out this teaser until I'm done with the scanlation:

There's lots of dense dialogue and more of Bisco Hatori's chicken-scratch kanji in this chapter so it make take me longer to put this one out than the last. My current estimate is 7 - 9-days. If you must see a running summary, look at the Twitter feed on the right side panel of this blog or here ( (please do not follow me unless you feel you must. I will most likely block you).