Sep 14, 2008

New Website is Up

The new Omari Sister Manga and Anime site is up. It's a Flash site, the fruits of taking a 20-hour course at my local University extension. Here's a link. Please excuse the cuteness and the unoriginality. I'll will add to the site and improve things as a I go along.

Tip: for those of you with smaller screen resolution than the website, in the view menu, use the zoom function to rescale your window. Because the actual artwork I did spills off the "stage" in Flash, I didn't want to publish the file to autoscale. I didn't want to show the stuff off the stage. Although, when I think about it's actually not that bad ... I'll think on it. The stuff off the stage makes it look even more like construction paper.

Sigh, ..., I'm actually thinking about scanlating something ... though, I really believe I should get the artist's permission and you folks should pay the artist for their good works ... but there's a manga I really like and I would like to share it. Taihen ne ... dou ka na? Well, I doubt the one I have in mind will make it to the US, so maybe I will do it and see if I get a cease and desist e-mail. Maybe I could actually send the author a little e-mail to ease my guilt ... Sigh ... actually, it's not the author I'm worried about, so much as any US publisher that might pick this up. But isn't that the point? To get the manga published in the US? Sigh ...well ... I'll mull it over.

Oh, with respect to Kisu Yori mo Hayaku, I started translating it last night. The first few pages are giving me a hard time because the speech is very casual. Hopefully, I'll be done by the end of the week. Also, the scanlation group doing "Arakure" is close to catching up to me, so unless they are straight up posting the Viz translation, I think I will leave that to them and choose another manga summarize. I'll do a quick check -- it appears that's what they did, so after chapter 21 they are out of material ... haha ...okay ... I'll keep posting.