Jul 18, 2013

Projects Open to Spanish Retranslate

Pickings are getting slim in term of projects that do not have a Spanish language partner.  Here's a list of what's left (if you are a Spanish language group who has permission from us of any of these works, please contact me so I can update this list):

  • Assassin Red Riding
  • Bride on Loan
  • Kaichou-san no Koneko
  • Kanojo no Kare
  • Katakoi
  • Majo to Yajuu
  • Ojousama no Untenshu
  • Oz no Kakashi Tsukai
  • Please Leave, Hero
  • Red House
  • Sekai no Hate no Sougen
  • Summer Blue
  • The Honeybee Earl and the Flower Dress
  • The Most Beautiful Name
  • The Wizard and the Love Potion
  • World End Garden