Feb 28, 2015

"Kanojo ni Naru Hi -- Another" Chapter 8

First a bit of business:
"Kanojo ni Naru Hi -- Another" Volume 2 releases on March 5th. If you enjoy this series, please show Ogura-sensei some love with your money.

Here are links to purchase:

ISBN: 9784592195429
Amazon JP / Yes Asia / Amazon US (coming soon) / Kinokuniya (coming soon)
And now the chapter all of you have been waiting for in one way or another. I suppose I shouldn't say much more than that. I do have chapter 9, so after I finish with the 3 chapters of "Sabaku no Harem", we can get back to this series. I wrote my thoughts on the chapter on Lovely Manga.

And now onto the release!
Links to "Kanojo ni Naru Hi -- Another" Chapter 8: (PDF) (Zip)

Next up with the "Sabaku no Harem" catch up! It's not as popular series as I hoped, but I hope fans will enjoy 3 consecutive chapters and maybe some new fans will be made.