Oct 12, 2014

New Short Series: "Nemurenu Ou ni Sasagu Yogatari" (A Bedtime Story for the Sleepless King") Chapter 1 by Toki Yajima

I'm never really sure whether to use the mangaka's incorrect translation of the title of their work. This one is pretty clunky, so when I post, I'm going to use the Japanese title. But if I were to give this series an English title, I would use "A Bedtime Story for the Sleepless King".

I just found out that this series ends at chapter 4. I was hoping that it would last longer as the mystery unfolds. I hope the end isn't rushed. This first chapter made me cry, so you may want to get out some tissues in preparation. I don't want to say much more because the way the story is told is rather interesting.

And now onto the release!
Links "Nemurenu Ou ni Sasagu Yogatari" Chapter 1: (PDF) (Zip)

Next up will be a new series from Hatsu Kiss, the magazine that arose from the ashes of Kiss Plus. After that, Halloween horror begins!