Mar 30, 2014

"Megane no Incubus-kun" Chapter 3 (end)

Here is the final chapter of "Megane no Incubus-kun"! Thanks to Peonine for her wonderful translation and to Jade for helping Peonine to adapt the translation. Thanks to Akire and Suzume for cleaning, and Ichi for some well done last minute redraws! Thanks again to Suzume for some very quick typesetting. And thanks to the proofreaders for immediately jumping on the task! And with this, we complete another series!
Links to "Megane no Incubus-kun" Chapter 3: (PDF) (Zip)

Our next short series will be a josei slice-of-life series. I hope to release it in April or May. Please look forward it.

I will be taking a short break, but rest assured the rest of Crimson Flower will be working on April and May releases.  Please expect our next release around the 7th or 8th of April.