Sep 5, 2013

"many" Chapter 3 (End)

Here's the last chapter of "many" and it's a beach chapter!  Thanks again to Peonine for translating and Suzume for cleaning this project. This was a really cute short series.  I will say more "below the fold".

On to the release!
Links to "many" chapter 3: (PDF) (Zip)

My thoughts on the series (Highlight to see) --
I was heartened to find a series that seemed to tastefully tell the story of a lesbian character, Tayama, dealing the object of her affection falling in love with a boy. I also liked the love-train of the sister's twin brother being in love with Tayama. But... that whole premise was dropped with one blush on the second to the last page. It was total cop-out.
Next up! Will be "Pochamani" Chapter 8!