Apr 24, 2013

"Rex Fabula" Chapters 1 - 6 (Chp 6 version 2)

After over a year of neglect, we are resuming "Rex Fabula".  I had hoped to accelerate the series so we could finish it by the end of May, but the series is proving more difficult that I anticipated. We are working very hard on it, but I think it's now reasonable to say we'll finish it sometime before the end the of year because I don't think we can release more than a chapter or two per month. Regardless, chapter 7 - 9 will be released over the next 2 - 3 weeks, with chapter 7 possibly coming out today or tomorrow.

To reintroduce the series so folks can refresh themselves and new readers can start, I'm re-releasing the first six chapters in ZIP and PDF formats.  Corrections have been made to chapter 6. The main change is that the accident happened in a chemistry lab and not a cultural studies classroom. I'm sorry about that. A chem lab accident actually sounds like something that could kill you.  Haha! I was too confident in my knowledge of kanji ... *palmface*... derp... Anyhow...
here are the chapters:

Chapter 1 -- (Zip) (PDF)
Chapter 2 -- (Zip) (PDF)
Chapter 3 -- (Zip) (PDF)
Chapter 4 -- (Zip) (PDF)
Chapter 5 -- (Zip) (PDF)
Chapter 6 v2 -- (Zip) (PDF)