Aug 31, 2012

Water-Themed One-Shot: "Seiten ni Tsurugi wo Kazase" ("Raise your Sword in Fair Weather") by Shizuru Onda

Wow! We got this one in with barely any time to spare, though it's not like any of our deadlines are hard. But still, big thanks to Kiruku Naru for her lightening fingers.  I didn't get all the pages to her until yesterday, so I was not expecting to be able to release this today.  Hee! Also, thanks to Jade for a wonderful translation and thanks to Maki from Chinmokurev for helping us clean this one-shot!

We end our August water-themed one-shots with a bang!  This is a really nice one-shot from one of Bisco Hatori's former assistants.  If this one-shot has a familiar feel, now you know why.

Onto the release!

Updated 9/1/2012:  Small edits, no change to the story
Link to "Seiten ni Tsurugi wo Kazase": (PDF)

Next up will be "Ojousama no Untenshu" Chapter 5.  Aria magazine still hasn't arrived, so instead of "Magnolia" after, we may release the next chapter of "Ojousama no Untenshu."