Aug 5, 2012

"Seigi no Mikata!" Chapter 3

Only one more chapter to go! This chapter deals with Kotarou's family and centers mainly around his youngest brother Takuma. Kotarou's family is pretty funny and Mitsubachi-sensei did a great job developing each child's personalities despite the few pages available for this part of the story.

I finally figured out what Sakuraiya's speech is supposed to be.  In the previous two chapters I did a very literal translation because I didn't know what to make of the speech and I considered the possibility that it could be pure nonsense.  Out of nowhere I remembered having plum trees in my parent's backyard when I was little.  You have to prune plum trees hard every year to keep them happy and producing.  It was definitely an ah-ha moment.  It didn't help that in Japanese the same word for the fruit and the flowers is the same as for the trees...grr...Anyhow, I will go back and update the first two chapters.

Onto the release!
Link to "Seigi no Mikata" Chapter 3: (PDF)

Next up will be the final chapter of "Seigi no Mikata".  It should be out on Tuesday or Wednesday.