Jun 7, 2012

Kuro Lala One-Shot: "Tsuki no Kanon" (The Moon's Canon") by Ken Saitou

First of all, I'd like to thank Amrai for translating this.  Amrai's relatively new to the group.  She's the translator for AnS, Ojou-sama no Untenshu, and many of our one-shots.  Her ability to make sense of Akidzuki Sorata's word-salad never ceases to amaze me!

The happy times and comedy lasted only for a short time.  Now we are back to the drama.  This story is more pathetic and rant worthy than it is sad and tear-jerking.  If you've been following the conversation in the chatbox, you know what I'm talking about.  This story really raised the hackles of the OS members who have already read it.  Hahaha! I think, though, that the strong emotions we felt while reading this one-shot are signs of good storytelling.  Needless to say, I feel sorry for the janitor. He got trapped in the web of a needy 14-year old girl.  Male readers, let this be a lesson.  If she looks young, just walk on by...just walk on by...Nothing good can come from stopping and giving the girl even the least bit of attention.

On to the link!

Link to "Tsuki no Kanon": (PDF)

Next up! Next will be a very messed up one-shot from Kuro Lala.  It's subtle at first, but once you realize what happened, don't be surprised if your stomach does a little flip.  I was honestly shocked and wondered how something so sick in concept could appear in Lala...ugh...but at the same time oh, so good. After that, I'll try to find something happy that's close to being done to release before we continue on with more Kuro/Shiro Lala drama.

On a selfish note, Vertical is taking licensing suggestions until June 28th.  Vertical specialize in seinen titles, but they are open to shoujo and josei titles.  There are some restrictions for the suggestions:
  • Nothing published before the year 2000 -- only recent/modern titles
  • Nothing from Akita Shoten, Shuseisha, or Shokakugan
  • Nothing that's on JManga
You can give your suggestions via Twitter @Vertical_Ed or Facebook (http://t.co/dtSBFvbX). Now go forth and demand some shoujo!!!