Jun 12, 2012

Kuro Lala One-Shot: "Red House" by Sarueru Yamada

First of all thanks to Holanio for creating a lovely banner to go with this release.  I agree with her that Ken-chan is adorable.

There are still 5 more Kuro Lala one-shots planned for this month, but I can't put them out back-to-back because if I don't do some upbeat one-shots I'm going to really get depressed. Therefore I'm going to rearrange the order and cram the last five Kuro Lala one-shot into the last week of the month.  It's going take a few days to prep the other other one-shots, so there may will be a lull in the releases.  We'll see...

As for this one-shot, it was a little much for me to take after "The Desert's Requiem", though this one-shot is not at all upsetting.  It's just more sadness and more dependent manipulative teenage girl behavior.  I really don't pity girls who think and act like this.  But still there's hope at the end of this one-shot.

On to the link!

Link to "Red House": (PDF)

Up Next: Upbeat one-shots!!!