Feb 16, 2012

One-Shot: "Kirara to Shiro Ookami" ("Kirara and the White Wolf")

As you can see on this title page, "Ao no Rhapsodia", a collection of Akane Ogura's one-shots is now available for purchase.  I have a copy and we will be translating some of the one-shots.  If you wish to purchase your own copy, here are some links:
I can also piggyback order it for you ($8.50 + postage).  If you are interested, send me an e-mail.

Okay, now onto the one-shot. This one-shot reminds me of a light comedic version of "Ginrou no Sakura" for a younger audience.  It's a super cute one-shot.  I really like Kirara's costume.  I'm a sucker for ribbon accents.
Anyhow, onto the links!

Updated 2/16/2012:  Small edits from Kotomi. No change to the story.
Links to "Kirara no Shiro Ookami":  (Zip) (PDF)
Next up are one-shots from Keiko Ishihara ("Ojousama no Untensu") and Nari Kusakawa.  We are also working on AnS Chp 31 and the short omake from Lala 3/2012.