Jul 9, 2011

"Lily" Chapter 2 and "Magnolia" Chapter 12 Double Release

Because "Magnolia" chapter 12 is so short, I decided to release it along with Lily chapter 2.  This chapter of "Magnolia" appears to be the end of the "prologue", which hopefully means we can get into the meat of the story with the next chapter (though, it's not like things haven't been meaty enough).  "Lily" chapter 2 is a recap of "Magnolia" chapters 5 through chapter 9.  I guess that means volume 2 spans chapters 5 - 9.   Anyhow...here are the links:

Link to "Lily" Chapter 2: (PDF)
Link to "Magnolia" Chapter 12: (PDF)

My thoughts on the chapter will be posted in the comments section so help those of you with wander eyes not to see spoilers.

Next up is "The Ghost Apartment Manager" chapter 6.