May 17, 2011

One-Shot: "3 Hearts" by Ichinose Kaoru

I love stories with handsome rogues, mysterious women, moonlit nights, and stolen treasure.  Ah, yes, the romance of it all is the best and, in my humble opinion, this one-shot delivers.  Sigh...I would love this one-shot to be translated into a live action or animated movie.  It would be so beautiful!

Don't have many deep thoughts about this one-shots.  It's just a confections to enjoy.  I do wonder whether calling the main character "Jin Tonic" is a little bit of call back to "King of Bandits Jing".  In that series all the "Jing Girls" were named after mixed drinks.  I love that series and the follow on series "Twilight Tales".  Those series are out of print in English, but it you ever do find a complete set, I highly recommend reading the series.

Update 05/19/2011:  Small Edits from Lakshmi that don't impact story.  Also added a note about reading Tarot cards (reversed "Wheel of Fortune" = very bad luck -- Thanks to Zuu for that bit of information.)
Links to "3 Hearts": (Zip) (PDF -- mobiles and tablets)

Silver Lunar, who did a wonderful job cleaning and redrawing some of the pages, made a nice parody of the title page:
Hahaha!  It really does look like cover art for a Final Fantasy game :).  Thanks, Silver Lunar for the giggle.

Next Up!
I think I've kept you all waiting long enough.  I was planning to release "Twelve O'Clock Bells Rings" first, but I will get to work on "Junketsu + Kareshi"chapter 9 tomorrow.