May 3, 2011

Akagami no Shirayukihime Chapter 24

This was supposed to come out a little over a week ago, but sometimes life takes unexpected and sad turns, and people have to stop everything to observe the passing of a life.  It's difficult to take the passing of someone your own age.  I didn't know the deceased well, but her death did cause me to pause and assess my own mortality.  All I have to say is life is fragile, so make everyday your best :).'s Akagami no Shirayukihime chapter 24.  This chapter taunted and teased me the whole time.  It really fought against get done.  Hahaha!  But it's done and I can get on with translating "Magnolia" now.
Updated 5/3/2011:  added small edits suggested by, you, the readers.
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Spoiler Alert! Spoilers Ahead!
My Thoughts on the Chapter

I was happy to see Shirayuki at the beginning acting very proactive and working with Kadzuki to rescue herself.  I'm glad she got to employ some of her chemistry knowledge.  It's too bad Sorata decided to have those efforts fail and at the end Shirayuki's imprisoned again and praying for Zen to save her.  =_=  I pray Kiki is there to get Shirayuki out and that she doesn't become yet another damsel in distress for Mitsuhide to save.  Can Kiki actually fight?  I don't think we've seen her in action.

Zen:  Getting fiercer :).  I like it.  I don't want him to totally lose his cool, but I do like the resolve he's showing.

Obi:  Uh...I'm not sure what to make of page 22.  What was he thinking Zen was referring to?

Shirayuki is not a princess -- no, rather, Kadzuki decided to butt into a situation he didn't fully understand and liberate her from some misguided royalty.   It's quite anticlimactic. now what?  I'm not even sure I care at this point.  Truthfully, I just want to see Obi cut down a bunch of pirates.  I think the steam ran out for me when Shirayuki started crying for Zen to save her again...meh  =_=  The only thing men should have to save women from is pumping gas...

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