Mar 16, 2011

"Pika Ichi" Chapter 7

Here is "Pika Ichi" chapter 7.  Things are settling into the mode of examining Dougen's personality and life situation and starts the anticipated Dougen x Hanako relationship.  This chapter is a little bit shorter than usual (chapter 8 is also a little shorter) which was nice for us in terms of work load.

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Spoiler Alert! Spoilers Ahead!
My Thoughts on the Chapter:

Hanako is too saintly.  It seems to be a key feature of her personality though.  I'm actually kinda disappointed in this development.  It really disturbs me that Hanako so easily ran to the side of her abuser.  I hope this doesn't turn into Hanako thinking that she can reform Dougen or heal his mental wounds.  I also can't stand that Hanako is not attracted to Tarou.  She seems 100% in friend mode with him :(.  I imagine she'll be easily swayed by Dougen and Tarou will plead with her to see the truth that Dougen is just toying with her.  Meh!

Dougen -- meh...wounded boy rebelling against oppressive parents...meh...

Misono -- it's time for him to go into jealous mode ^^

"Pika Ichi" chapter 8 is currently scheduled for late April release.  We may have to move it to May because the cleaners are currently occupied with "World's End Garden" and "Nanairo no Mukou".

Next up are the extras from volume 4 of "Zettai Heiwa Daisakusen" and then "Yukarism" chapter 3.