Jan 3, 2011

Magnolia Chapter 6

It's another cruel chapter of "Magnolia"...this one is only 28 pages and as one of my proofreaders pointed out, the second page is a repeat. Boo! But it's a really good chapter and sets up for what I hope to be a thrilling volume 2.

Links to Magnolia Chapter 6:  (Zip)(PDF)

Spoilers Ahead --

My thoughts on the chapter:
Poor, poor, Nagi.  Nothing good can come of this for him.  Ayato is nutz, Yugo is relentless, and poor Nagi has his own heart to worry about.  But I think that's what makes this situation delicious.  What is poor Nagi going to do?  Ayato alone is more than a handful.  Oh, and then there's our other little flower, Lily.  I think after reading the companion Lily one-shot for the first volume of Magnolia, you all will understand why Lily is so down.  Lily...T_T...stay strong, girl!

Oh, a note about Saiga Orway -- "Orway" is my best guess on the spelling of his last name.  Other possibilities are Olway, Alway, Aulway...sigh...I hate Katakana...

I expect the first volumes of Aria series to release soon.  I will post links to purchase the books when they become available.

Next up is the first of the "Lily" themed extra stories!