Jul 7, 2010

One-Shot: "Nemurenu Kishi ni Hanataba wo" ("Bouquets of Flowers for the Sleepless Knight")

Here is the one-shot "Nemurenu Kishi ni Hanataba wo" ("Bouquets of Flowers for the Sleepless Knight").  This story and the characters seem very inline with Yumi Kiiro's current series "Library Wars: Love and War." Both characters are strong and likable and the story is a good mix of humor, romance and adventure.  I hope you enjoy this short story as much as I did.  Oh! and a big thank to our new cleaner, Sae, who helped get this out sooner than I expected.

Links to "Nemurenu Kishi ni Hanataba wo":  (Zip) (PDF -- Mobile and Tablets)

If you enjoyed this one-shot then I highly recommend "Library Wars: Love and War" to you.  It just began its English release from Viz and is still currently running in Japanese language magazines Lala and Lala DX (this series has LOTS of wonderful extra stories).

Next up is another one-shot called "The Useless Scarecrow Familiar."  After that, we will release the next installment of "Orange Chocolate."