Jul 17, 2010

Hana to Yume Issue 16 -- Good Stuff (Spoilers!)

My copy of Hana to Yume Issue 16 came in 4 days early (I hope Lala 9 is this early too! -- can't wait!!!).  Anyhow...here's a couple of spoilers.

Gakuen Alice -- confession and Luka gives support!!!!  It's very cute (!!!) and bittersweet.  I almost feel like putting this chapter out myself.

Hana to Akuma Chp 52-- Vivi is in the process of leaving and there a nice 2-pages spread of a kiss scene.  I was pretty shocked.  Hmm...but is Vivi really leaving?  Poor Hana is left crying and begging him not to go.  There are some nice flashbacks to when when Vivi found Hana at his gate when she was an infant.  The end message said that the story would be resuming in issue 18 and at that point the story will be rushing into it's final chapters (very similar language to Ouran ending announcement).

I can't say much for this issue's freebie.  It's a "Love so Life" metal box with a hinged lid.  The first thing that came to mind was putting mints or candies in it -- but I can't be sure if it doesn't contain any lead...

Unfortunate Hana to Yume isn't available through Amazon, so unless you've got a Japanese bookstore near you, the only place I know of in the State to get it is from Akadot.  Unfortunately, Akadot lags about a month behind, so up to issue 14 are currently available.  Here's a link if you interested, though:

Link to Hana to Yume Issues from Akadot

You could probably also get a subscription to the magazine through Sanseido books (it'd get to you within a week of release, too).  It's not listed in their online shopping offerings, but I'm sure if you give your nearest location a call, a subscription can be arranged.  Here's a link to Sanseido Books in the US:

Sanseido Book Locations in the US