May 14, 2010

Kaichou-san no Koneko Chp 3 + Omakes

Yay! We've finally come to the conclusion of the short series "Kaichou-san no Koneko!"  I really enjoyed this series and I hope you did too.  I've bundled the two extra stories in this series with this release.  The first extra story is in a separate file and the second 3-page short story is tacked onto the end of chapter 3.  Here are the links:

Link to KNK Omake 1 -- "Kotoko's Kitten"
Link to "Kaichou-san no Koneko" chapter 3 + "Ku-chan's Day"

If any of you want to know more about the Scottish Fold breed of cat, here are some links:

Link 1:  Wikipedia
Link 2:  Linnea Danielsen - Linanci Cattery
Link 3:  Cat Fancier

If you want to know more about the Sutra I butchered here's a link.

Next up is "Orange Chocolate" chapter 12 and then a one-shot called "Shinobigoto" from Nari Kusakawa.  Also, keep an eye out for our joint project with Hyper-Parfait!